Natural healthy drink red fruit extract
Kaisogen Red Fruit 100 ML
Natural healthy drink red fruit extract
P-IRT No : 2093578035507-25
Isi bersih : 100 ml (117 gr)
Product Information
KAISOGEN RED FRUIT is a healthy drink that can be consumed everyday which contains patented RED FRUIT EXTRACT (PATEN No. IDP0000606930), the one and only in Indonesia. It uses Indonesian native Papua Red Fruit, researched and formulated in Europe. The specific extraction method allows Pandanus Extract OPE-0121 to maintain plant-based nutrition, high antioxidant capacity and maximum anti-inflamatory activity.
      Packaging : 200 g
    IDR 85,000

    IDR 76.500
    Recommended Dose
    1. Drink 1 table spoon, 2-3 times a day
    2. Can be consumed directly, or dissolved in water
    3. Store at room temperature
    Why and when should we consume KAISOGEN RED FRUIT?
    1. When we are healthy! Kaisogen Red fruit Helps to increase oxygen delivery to muscles & brain and reduces fatigue and helps fight free radicals.
    2. When we are excercising or doing high Intensity Activity!Kaisogen Red fruit Helps increasing physical endurance and boosts muscle recovery.
    3. When we are ill! Kaisogen Red fruit contains high ANTIOXIDANT and has a strong anti-inflamatory effect that can accelerate the healing process.
    Maintain and boost body immune
    Fights oxidative stress or free radicals
    Increases oxygen delivery to brain and muscles
    Increases physical endurance during High Intensity Activities and Sports
    Reduces fatigue
    Increases the lipotic activity (fat breakdown) of adipose tissue
    Improves Lipid profile: lowering LDL cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and increases HDL cholesterol levels
    Supports the recovery of cancer patients
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    Natural healthy drink red fruit extract
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